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Problems And Solution Of Sewing Machines

There are more of problems comes when you are using sewing machines.

  • Broken needles

A needle is the essential part of the sewing machine. Better quality of needle is must require for your any project. The most common problem faced by all people when they were using sewing machines are breaking and bending needles. Always choose a new needle for a new project. This helps you to prevent this problem. If you are using an old needle, it can damage the fabric. Before you start any cloth project make sure that you are choosing the needle according to your cloth project. Stop sewing immediately and change the needle when machine needle is bend or breaks during the work.

  • Better quality of the thread

You want always to check the thread you are using. There are more types of threads.  Like delicate threads are suitable for sewing by hand they are not suitable for sewing machines. In many places of sewing, you want to use all-purpose threads. You want to choose that thread that is smooth, more strong which will not break easily.

  • Skip stitches

Sometimes, due to machine problems, you can face the problem of skipping stitches. You need to check the needle it is correctly installed or not on the machine. Sometimes this problem comes due to needle installation. So check everything in the machine that all things are properly installed.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning of a sewing machine are also so necessary. All machines need some service after some use. Some issues come due to coming of dust, and working parts of the machine. To keep smoothly running of your sewing machine check that the machine is lint and dust free. Also one more step you want to follow that always lubricating the internal parts of the machine.

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